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The technology may change but the game remains the same. The core tenets of marketing are as true today as they were a century ago. Right price, right product, right promotion. Our clients have worked long and hard to address the first two and trust us to work with them to get the third one right. With some of the country’s top search engine optimisation (SEO) practitioners in the team, we take a comprehensive approach to natural search, ensuring that you achieve the presence in the search engine results that you so richly deserve. With an increasing percentage of searches conducted from mobile devices, Google and other major search engines now factor location into the results. We optimise your site to ensure that you capture your fair share of local searches in situations where this is important. Many of our clients also choose to top up natural traffic with paid search. We carefully design, refine and implement paid search campaigns to ensure that you achieve the best possible return on investment, building upon years of experience delivering results in even the most competitive categories. Since so many searches are now conducted via social media platforms including LinkedIN, Facebook and Pinterest, clients often ask for our help in designing an effective strategy which will deliver leads, sales and other valuable forms of user engagement without committing them to endless hours of wasted interactions.

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