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Responsive Web Design is a Must for Businesses in the busy City of Gloucester.


  1. Responsive Web Design is a Must for Businesses in the busy City of Gloucester

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Responsive websites are designed to come out looking great in all kinds of devices. Businesses in a city like Gloucester can definitely benefit by providing a great website experience in smartphones as well as desktops.

The numbers of smartphone users are increasing every day. A study some time ago put the number of people accessing the Web from their mobile devices at 1.2 billion. The study also found that the number was increasing fast and would be much greater now.

    1. Desktop Websites and Smartphones

    Websites were traditionally designed for the larger screens of desktop computers. Such designs tend to have several problems when viewed on the smaller screns of mobile devices. For example:

    • Images that look great on desktop lose all their “greatness” when cut off by the smaller screens

    • When text is compressed into the small screen with a lot of images and boxes, it becomes unreadably small

    The result would be that the mobile device user tends to get irritated with the website experience and go elsewhere. And that can mean you lose a potential customer to a competitor who had converted their website to responsive.

      1. Responsive Websites

      Responsive websites respond to the screen size. The same website might have different layouts when viewed in different devices. For example:

      • Multiple columns on desktops could be converted into single column layout on a small screen

      • Some incidental images might be eliminated altogether on the small devices

      • Form fields would be spread out to enable completing them using finger touch

      Responsive design eliminates the need to develop separate sites for desktops and mobile. If you have multiple versions of the same site, they might not remain synchronized at all times. Responsive sites, on the other hand, are the same in all devices.

        1. SEO77® Digital Marketing Agency Will Convert Your Website to Responsive

        Seo77® has been in website development and search engine marketing for years. They have kept in step with emerging trends in the field and have adopted responsive design. In addition to being responsive, your site will also be:

        • Search engine friendly with a search engine optimised design

        • User friendly with you being able to edit, add and delete the content easily without specialist help and

        • Aligned to your tastes and preferences as you will have access to the design-in-progress during the development phase and can suggest changes

        Your Gloucester business will have a great website once Seo77® Digital Marketing Agency have worked with it. Contact us at 0115 881 3572.

        While perceptive industry leaders had already foreseen the impact of mobile on Website marketing, it is only now that numbers have begun to speak out loud and clear. Unless your website comes out impressive and usable on smartphones and tablets, you will lose more and more business with every passing day.

        Get ready for the mobile revolution. Future proof your website. Contact seo77® Digital Marketing Agency or Call 0115 881 3572 for full details and a quote to make your website responsive.

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