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Paid Search
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SEO77 Digital Marketing Agency are a leading UK full digital marketing agency specialising in the provision of bespoke digital services, with each and every aspect of your campaign being specifically designed to elicit the optimum results from any digital campaign we undertake on your behalf.

At SEO77 our sole objective is simply to secure the maximum exposure for the minimum spend on behalf of each and every one of our clients. We believe a happy client will want to work with us over and over again, therefore, we endeavour to provide the best services available on the open market. The fact we have an astronomical client retention rate, allied to an ever expanding client list must be testimony that when it comes to all things regarding paid search, SEO77 Digital Marketing Agency must be in a league of their own…our clients simply do not want to leave us, a fact we are all too happy in which to bask and enjoy!

The fact we continue to offer exceptional value for money, coupled with what can only be described as a both qualitative and quantitative success rates just adds fuel to the fire that at SEO77Digital Marketing Agency we must be doing something right as we continue to outperform our competitors by delivering exceptional results each and every time of asking in the realm of paid search.

So exactly what paid search services can you expect when partnering with industry experts SEO77 Digital Marketing Agency?

In short we can provide any paid search service you require including:

  • Pay Per Click / PPC
  • Pay Per Click / PPC Audits
  • Pay Per Click / PPC Campaign Management
  • Display / Banner Advertising
  • Remarketing
  • Pay Per Click /PPC for Ecommerce
  • Google Adword Training Courses

So if you are looking for a fully fledged digital ‘partner’ who can make a concerted difference to your business’ global presence and boost your profit margins through the provision of tailored cost effective digital strategies please give a member of the team a call to see how we can help you today on or complete form or email.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

This aspect becomes even more pertinent when we undertake any Paid Search / Pay Per Click or PPC campaign on your behalf, as the intended purpose of Pay Per Click or PPC is to dramatically improve your business’s visibility to the millions of internet customers who regularly search for the very same products and services that you provide , therefore, our job is to position you at the forefront of their minds and ensure it is your advert they click, which in turn should result in you then converting their visit into a solid bottom line sale.

As experts in Paid Search / Pay Per Click or PPC, we are experienced in taking a multitude of businesses to the next level and can virtually guarantee to increase your visibility and internet presence, therefore placing you in the best position to exploit the increased traffic to your site. After all, we have built a successful digital marketing business based on repeatedly proving this on behalf of our clients time after time.

So what is Paid Search / Pay Per Click or PPC?

In its simplest terms Paid Search / Pay Per Click or PPC (or even Google Adwords) concerns the strategic purchasing of relevant and highly targeted advertising space through a multitude of search engines and key websites. The real beauty of the system is that even though your company brand and name are positioned and available for the whole world to see, you only ever pay anything if and when an interested prospect directly ‘clicks’ your promoted advert and is transferred straight to your website, leaving you with a captive audience to whom you can ‘pitch’ and ultimately convert!

Any Paid Search / Pay Per Click or PPC campaign can be as large or as small as you wish. If you want to test the water and opt for a small campaign, we can certainly oblige and set up a Pay Per Click or PPC campaign which would allow you to set a specific budget and ultimately limit any financial costs you may incur. Like any other campaign this can be measured and analysed on your behalf as part of our service to you and we can supply a detailed written report that highlights the benefits of the campaign, along with delivering a genuine real-time assessment of the specific Returns on your Investment (ROI). Throughout the years we have discovered that the real winners of Pay Per Click or PPC campaigns are those organisations that run simultaneous campaigns that may not be expensive to operate, but serve to reinforce one another and have generated some spectacular results in terms of lead generation and ultimately bottom line profits for many of our clients.

Benefits of Paid Search / Pay Per Click or PPC campaigns undertaken by SEO77 Digital Marketing Agency include:

  • Maximisation of the Return on Investment (ROI) of any advertising budgets you commit to your campaign
  • Clearly measurable outcomes including:
    • How to maximise your investment results
    • How to reduce overall Pay Per Click costs
    • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
    • Overall
  • You as our client ultimately determine what constitutes a successful outcome for your company be that traffic increases, hot leads, number of sales enquiries or converted sales etc
  • You retain total control of all campaign financials ie total budgetary management
  • 24/7 Access to your own Google Adword accredited partner
  • Overall cost reductions per acquisition or lead, resulting in enhanced Returns on your Investment (ROI)

As part of our overall service legal agreement SEO77 Digital Marketing Agency will undertake the following as part of our overall contractual agreement with you to ensure you obtain the maximum service and ultimately results for the minimum cost