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Mobile Optimised Website Design Liverpool


Mobile Optimised Website Design for the Historic Port City of Liverpool

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As a major tourist destination, it is particularly important for Liverpool businesses to have mobile optimised websites. Traditionally designed websites tend to come out poor in looks and functionality on the small screens of mobiles. And tourists as a rule use mobile devices to search for local businesses.

Getting Found in Mobile Search

In addition to suffering on the looks and function fronts, non-mobile-optimised sites also has the problem of search ranks to tackle. Google has downgraded the ranks of these “non” sites in mobile search. If your site is not mobile optimised, it could practically disappear from mobile search results.

Impact of Non-Mobile-Optimised Sites

The huge and growing numbers of mobile users who access the web from their mobile devices (who include non-tourists also) mean that non-mobile-optimisation will inevitably have a serious impact. Google already reports that mobile searches exceed searches from desktops and laptops in many regions. If more people are searching for businesses using their mobiles and your site is not among the results, naturally the result would not be something you want.

Over 1.2 billion was the number of mobile users who accessed the web from their mobile devices. And that number was growing fast. People make purchasing decisions as well as actual purchases using these devices. Businesses must have a great presence on mobile devices, and this requires mobile optimisation.

Seo77® Digital Marketing Agency

Seo77® uses responsive design to make all the sites mobile (as well as desktop/laptop) friendly. Responsive design senses the size of the screen and responds with content and layout that looks and functions great on that screen. As a result, your site will automatically come out great on all devices.

Another value Seo77® delivers is that they build the sites on a CMS. What it means is that you can now edit the content using simple text editing without seeking the help of your web developer. This is great for keeping the content up-to-date at all times.

Further, you can customise the design by reviewing it while it is under development. Seo77® gives you access to the development platform so that you can make any suggestions for changes. The final design is checked not only for mobile but also search engine friendliness.

That’s an excellent bundle of value, don’t you think!

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While perceptive industry leaders had already foreseen the impact of mobile on Website marketing, it is only now that numbers have begun to speak out loud and clear. Unless your website comes out impressive and usable on smartphones and tablets, you will lose more and more business with every passing day.

Get ready for the mobile revolution. Future proof your website. Contact seo77® Digital Marketing Agency or Call 0115 881 3572 for full details and a quote to make your website responsive.

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