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Mobile Optimised Website Design Edinburgh


Mobile Optimised Website Design for the Famed City of Edinburgh

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As a centre of many things great, including arts and education, Edinburgh has a great reputation. Mobile optimised website design is among the small things that fits in with its scientific temper. And for the businesses of this tourist destination, it is a critical requirement to maintain their business volumes.

Mobile Optimisation and Tourists

What’s it that links tourists and mobile website design? Answer: Tourists are overwhelmingly likely to access the web through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. And it is mobile optimisation that helps your business site to come out great in front of them when they search for local businesses.

In fact, it is not just tourists. Everyone these days seem to prefer accessing the Web through their mobile devices. They check prices, compare brands and make purchases with their mobiles. One study found that over 1.2 billion people access the web from their mobile devices.

Not surprising considering the convenience of surfing the web on the go with these handy devices.

Won’t my Existing Website Work on the Mobile?

If yours is a simple website with a single column of text and a small header image, it might work as it is on a mobile. But if it contains a lot of images, text boxes and an order form, it can create a cramped look on the small screens of mobiles. And the order form might be practically impossible to complete, particularly with touch.

It is this problem that makes mobile optimisation a critical business requirement. Mobile optimisation typically involves reducing the number of images and other discrete elements on the pages, and changing the layout to make the content fully readable and usable.

By using the responsive design approach, a single version of the site can be made to sense the screen size, and automatically come up with a display that looks and functions great on whichever screen it is being viewed.

How Should I go about Mobile Optimisation?

Your best option is to entrust the task to a website developer who focuses on mobile optimisation. seo77® Digital Marketing Agency, for example, has fully embraced the responsive design approach and offers affordable website development services. And they do value addition to their services by:

  • Working to make the design search engine as well as mobile friendly
  • Building the site on a Content Management System to empower you to edit the content yourself and keep it always up-to-date, and
  • Giving you the opportunity to review the design-in-progress and suggest any changes.

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While perceptive industry leaders had already foreseen the impact of mobile on Website marketing, it is only now that numbers have begun to speak out loud and clear. Unless your website comes out impressive and usable on smartphones and tablets, you will lose more and more business with every passing day.

Get ready for the mobile revolution. Future proof your website. Contact seo77® Digital Marketing Agency or Call 0115 881 3572 for full details and a quote to make your website responsive.

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