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Email Marketing Solutions To Help Your Business Grow

28 Nov

By: David Redfern   |    0 Comments

Marketing is an important part of every successful company; the key to success is the way it is done. One of the smartest ways to market your business today is to use email marketing. Keep reading to find out how you can send out effective emails.

60 Characters

Try keeping subject lines around 60 characters. Lots of email clients will just shorten subjects that are greater than this length. Other clients simply can’t display that many characters. More importantly, 60 characters usually provides your subscribers with more than enough information to decide whether they want to read your message or delete it.

Use a personal tone to relay your messages in email marketing. The customer response will be more positive to this kind of message in comparison to impersonal ones. You could have the CEO or president of your company sign their name at the bottom of the email to help your message make a better impression on your audience.

Always test out how your email messages will show up on a lot of different electronic platforms. Once you’ve perfected your design, test it across many platforms and systems. A message in Hotmail may look entirely different from a message opened in Gmail.

Having a visible link where the person can unsubscribe is a bright idea. Don’t fail to include one or bury it so that it is not readily apparent. It is important that your customers feel in control and that they aren’t being forced into anything.

Send out personalized emails to your customers. Send notifications concerning special offers and coupons. Tell them about any new products that they may find interesting, based on their purchase history. Customers who already trust you will most likely keep buying from you.

Don’t send emails to people who have not given their express consent. If you begin sending out spam emails then the likelihood is that you will not be taken seriously. Some customers will be significantly annoyed and cut the connection with you altogether by bringing their business elsewhere.

Don’t add anyone to an email list without asking permission first. If you send out unwanted emails, you are basically spamming people. This could end up hurting your reputation, causing your ISP to block your emails.

Make sure your subject line is an attention getter. Giving readers an incentive through the subject line may make readers open the emails. Try offering something for free, a big discount, or another line that will get their attention to open the email. A well thought out subject line increases that likelihood of your email being opened immensely.

A great suggestion for following up with clients is to send a follow-up email that includes a coupon offer. Include a link on the email that tells them they can see it by following the link. Give your customer a compelling reason to click by offering great savings on their purchase.

It is generally good practice to have your readers confirm more than once before you send them emails. Oftentimes people accidentally mistype their email. Having a double check that the email address they provide is correct will reduce the chances that you end up sending mailings to incorrect email addresses.

Email marketing is efficient if you have a good campaign. Use it as a way of building a relationships with your customers and target audience. Get ready for increased responses and higher profits once you put these tips to work in your own marketing efforts

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