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Advantages of Responsive Web Design

10 Feb

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Advantages of Responsive Web Design
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Are you thinking about investing in a responsive website for your business? seo77 have created a list of a few of the many advantages of responsive web design.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is when a website adapts to fit the size of the user screen. This will optimize a user’s browsing experience by making the website easy to view and work on any device, from iPhones to tablets to iPads to android phones.

What are the advantages of having a responsive website?

Responsive web design can benefit your company by:

  • Increase your audience

By allowing your website to be accessed from a wide variety of electronic devices, it increases the audience that your company will reach. By restricting your website to only be accessed on one type of device, means that the people who don’t have access to that certain device are missing out on viewing your website, and you are missing out on potential customers.

  • User experience

As a responsive website is flexible, it will adapt its layout based upon the size of a user’s screen. Meaning that the site will be easy to read and navigate around.

  • Increase sales and conversion rates

Responsive design means that the user has improved site experience. This will have a positive effect on your conversion rate because consistent user experience will mean that people will then be familiar with the navigation on your site and will be able to find your products and services quickly and easily.

  • No need to track

Having one responsive site means that you do not need to track user journeys, conversion paths, funnels and re-directions between your sites.

  • Increase your visibility in search engines

Instead of building many links and optimizing a large amount of content, you only need to improve one site. The URL structure will be the same for all electronic devices, which will improve your search engine visibility and rankings. Also, managing one website with a single set of hypertext links, will reduce the time you spend maintaining your site. This means you can focus on SEO and all the benefits this will bring.

  • Save time and money

Responsive web design is cost effective. By having one website, this means you will not need to create an additional mobile site or multiple versions of your website to suit each individual devices. Meaning you can save both time and money only designing one site.

A responsive web design will make your site easy to access ‘on the go’

Whether you view it on your phone on the bus, or a tablet at home on the sofa, a responsive web design will make sure you site is easy to view and read.

  • Stay ahead of the competition

Less than 3% of website are optimized to make the most out of the mobile web through responsive web design. Which means you have the opportunity to take advantage of this and get ahead of the competition.

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